Concerto in F is a composition written by George Gershwin.

Programs Edit

Skater Nation Discipline Program Season Notes
Emily Hughes USA
Flag of the United States.svg
Ladies Short
  • 2004-2005
  • 2005-2006
Received a bronze medal at 2006 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, and 2006 US Championships, and performed this program at the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Kim Yuna South Korea
Flag of South Korea.svg
Ladies Free
  • 2009-2010
Won 2010 Winter Olympics and 2009-10 Grand Prix Final, and received the silver medal at 2010 World Championships.
Michelle Kwan USA
Flag of the United States.svg
Ladies Free
  • 1991-1992
Wakaba Higuchi Japan
23px-Flag of Japan.svg
Ladies Free
  • 2014-2015
Won 2015 Japan Junior Championships, and received bronze medals at 2015 World Junior Championships and 2014-15 JGP Final.

Sources Edit

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