Faust is an opera with music composed by Charles Gounod.

Programs Edit

Skater Nation Discipline Program Season Notes
Alena Leonova Russia
Flag of Russia.svg
Ladies Free 2010-11 Also skated to Terenzi Horror Nights 2 and The Witches of Eastwick; received the silver medal at 2011 Russian Championships and the bronze medal at 2010 Cup of China.
Alissa Czisny USA
Flag of the United States.svg
Ladies Free 2000-01 Won 2001 US Championships in the junior division.
Anna Pogorilaya Russia
Flag of Russia.svg
Ladies Free 2012-13  Received bronze medals at 2013 World Junior Championships and 2012-13 JGP Final.
Rachel Parsons / Michael Parsons USA
Flag of the United States.svg
Ice Dancing Free 2012-13 Received the bronze medal at 2012 JGP Croatia.
Yukari Nakano Japan
23px-Flag of Japan.svg
Ladies Short 2004-05

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